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Q: What’s a Blerp?

A: A Blerp is a short sharable soundbite! Blerps are no longer than 10 seconds and usually are the best part of a quote, song or sound effect. Browse our categories to get inspired!

Q: What’s a Soundboard?

A: A soundboard is a collection of similar Blerps! Think of it like a folder. You can organize the best Blerps in to soundboards for easier access and share-ability.

Q: What about copyright?

A: Blerp has licensed 10-sec sounds from specific creators, brands, and studios. However, streamers and customers can also upload their own UGC content. We follow DMCA policies similar to YouTube. We moderate a section of the curated library for global use and may takedown content that is copyright or goes against our TOS. Content can be uploaded with different visibilities and permissions onto the platform. More information can be found here: https://blerp.com/dmca We provide streamers a VOD track where sounds are played to help easily remove post production sounds from their VODS.

Q: Can I make a Blerp?

A: Of course! But only on our website for now, just click the create button in the top navigation bar on any page of our website!

Q: Can I make a Soundboard?

A: Yes you can! From your Account you can create a blank soundboard. Or, from the share menu on any Blerp, Just hit the or three dot, to add a Blerp to a new or existing board.

Q: Do you guys have an App?

A: Ya we do! We have an




. Our IOS app even includes a Keyboard extension so you can share Blerps in iMessage.

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Q: I found an awesome Blerp! Now what?

A: Congrats! If it’s good enough you can add it to a sound board so you can quickly find it again! If you know someone who might like it you can click the share icon or and share the Blerp on your favorite platform!

Q: My viewers can hear Blerps shared on the stream but I can not

A: Try clicking the "Control audio via OBS", "Shutdown source when not visible" and "Refresh browser when scene becomes active" in the blerp browser source properties in OBS. We have had a variety of these settings work for different people so try to find the right settings that works for you!

Q: I’m a Streamer how can I use Blerp?

A: If you’re a Twitch streamer you can check out our Blerp Sound Alerts Extension and our Walk on Extension. We’re working on more creator tools! Sign up now to be a beta tester.

Q: Can I incentivise my subscribers on Twitch to play sounds?

A: Yes! You can provide your sounds to your Twitch stream through viewer and subscriber soundboards. You can set cooldowns and different bit amounts for soundboards.

Twitch Subscriber Only Soundboards Guide